Tuesday, December 23, 2008

paper art!

by: Peter Callesen

Hey Pipo!

This is just to say that I'm done with my photoblog assignments! I'm nearly positive they're all up here. :) Happy Holidays!

tv stills

Today I monitored my family's television watching habits with my camera.

While my little sister watches TV on the computer...

my brother plays games on the TV.

ooh, kissing scene.


this sequence was just too fun.

my dad and brother don't even wince.

knitting graffitti

So my best friend just sent me this link, and she's planning on knit-graffitti-ing it up on her college campus.

I'm super excited to see what she does with the idea! (also got some images from knittaplease, and their flickr, both of which you should totally check out.)

P.S. Yes, that is the Great Wall of China.

performace photographers

Yves Klein

Joan Jonas

Carolee Schneemann

altered books

For my winter term project, I'm going to do some sort of altered book project (haven't really decided too much about it yet...). It's going to be some cross between an emphasis on poetry, and art.

here the emphasis is on poetry:

this one is starting to combine a narrative and artwork the way i want to:

here the focus is primarily on the art:

Here's how the professionals do it. This is the Humument, by Tom Phillips. It manages to be beautiful and carry a narrative about Toge all the way through 370 pages.

sources: the first four were found here, the next four were done by Joy Bathie, the next five found here, and the website for the last four is here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Justine Kurland

"Creating a beautiful work is about creating a beautiful work." -Justine Kurland

And her work certainly is beautiful!

I particularly like her photographs because of her utopian ideals. Her images portray beauty and happiness simply and don't feel staged. They have an almost fairy-tale simplicity about them, and I find myself unable to look away. The composition is perfect in all of them.

Not only are her images amazing, she's a very admirable woman. I was also impressed by her ability to find models so easily. I can't imagine how finding ten or more women with small children to pose naked could be easy. She also manages to be a professional photographer with a small child, which can be very difficult.

Frankly, I'm more than impressed, both with her images and her presentation.